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thyssenkrupp Integrated Asset Management Consulting

Integrated Asset Management Consulting

Consulting for better performance at optimized costs

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ Integrated Asset Management (IAM) portfolio is designed to generate more value from the physical assets of its customers in industry, infrastructure and energy sectors. This involves unlocking the untapped value and implementing new value enhancing solutions. This is achieved through better performance, for longer life and at an optimum of costs.

Plant assessment & identification of underperforming areas

Through its consulting services, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

  • Assesses the plant’s current performance against the target/ desired performance in specified key result areas (HSE, productivity, quality, reliability, availability, life and direct & indirect costs).
  • Identifies the under-performing areas and their likely impact.
  • Identifies the contributors for this under-performance (plant and machinery, asset management processes and organization).
  • Suggests preliminary ideas for improvement measures.

The plant assessment is done by a team of specialists coming from the field of asset management, technology, process and equipment. They study the plant data, take measurements & conduct tests (if required), review various documents and interview plant personnel across the organization levels. This requires a site visit of three to five days by a team of four to six experts.

The team further draws upon thyssenkrupp´s vast technological and engineering experience and capabilities to arrive at solutions required.

Recommendations and possible solutions

The findings of the team are presented to the customer preliminarily during the closing meeting and finally, along with recommendations in the form of a detailed report. The report contains the details of investigations and the findings. The report also enumerates the first ideas about possible solutions to improve the performance by eliminating or rectifying the contributors.

Properly engineered and feasible solutions with complete financial calculations can be worked out and submitted subsequently under a separate contract.

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