Sterilization system

High pressure + thermal treatment = sterilization system

High pressure assisted thermal sterilization (HPATS) combines the advantages of normal HPP treatment with those of thermal preservation. Before pressure treatment the product is heated to up to 95°C. As the pressure is increased to up to 7,000 bar the product quickly heats up further. The resultant temperature in the vessel reaches up to 125°C. Thanks to the combination of pressure and temperature, microorganisms are neutralized thoroughly – even bacterial spores have no chance.

High process reliability, full control

Special high-pressure heat exchangers and an integrated heating system for the vessel ensure that the temperature in the treatment chamber doesn’t drop. Pressure-resistant sensors and a pressure-resistant data logger record temperature and pressure profiles in several regions of the vessel.

Special systems

Safety through experience

Uhde High Pressure Technologies has been making HPP machines for processing food for over 20 years. The biggest high-temperature HPP machine ever built with a volume of 150 liters was made by us in 2006. All HPP machines are manufactured according to the European pressure equipment directive and ASME requirements.