HPP Tolling Service

The largest HPP competence center in Germany is at your disposal!

We not only make your products last longer for you. The new competence center combines contract processing, product development, expert advice, marketing and much more under one roof.


Take advantage of the benefits of our tolling service now:

  • Processing without own investment

  • Also suitable for small batches and capacities

  • No additional space required on your premises

Discover the diverse possibilities of product development that can be realized with HPP:

  • Sensory testing of the influence of pressure on your product

  • Shelf life test - inactivation rate of pathogens

  • Compression and flexibility tests of the packaging

and much more!

Sounds good? Check it out!

We’d love to demonstrate our high-pressure process on your product in our in-house test center.

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360° HPP service through cooperation

The comprehensive service package from product development to market entry - suitable for any size of company.

Basic research at universities, product-related research at the German Institute of Food Technology, plant-specific adaptations and a service center for optimization result in a Center of Excellence that provides you with comprehensive support for all HPP matters. In this way, your product receives the high-quality and reliable finishing touches before it is launched on the market.

No chance for listeria and others

With High Pressure Processing (HPP) you eliminate pathogenic germs in meat products, juice products, dairy products or fish products. Numerous studies prove that mold spores are deactivated and Listeria, Salmonella or E-Coli are reduced below the detection limit after treatment.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Safety - HPP is reliable and used worldwide

  • Treatment in the final packaging - cross-contamination is excluded

  • Preservation of nutrients, vitamins and freshness - water pressure up to 6,000 bar, no heat

  • Versatile - numerous flexible packages such as films, bottles, blister MAP possible