HPP machine Uhde 350-60

Individual, smart, flexible.

Your production has special requirements? The Uhde 350-60 is modular and configurable, from process direction to an option for MAP packaging to freely positionable high-pressure pumps. Depending on your requirements you can treat up to 1,600 kg (3525 lbs) of product per hour.

Uhde 350-60

It’s not just the system design that’s efficient, its operation is too. All process parameters are displayed on the integrated control panel and can be configured easily by finger pressure. Special software features identify irregularities before they can lead to a failure.

This system grows with your output

The Uhde 350-60 adapts to your needs and facilitates long-term planning. You can increase production volume variably by adding further HP units or upgrading to the 700-liter system.