HPP machine Uhde 700-60 TWIN

High availability and efficiency: over 3,200 kg (7050 lbs) throughput per hour

With two parallel high-pressure vessels, the Uhde 700-60 TWIN provides you with high production volumes around the clock. While one vessel is at operating pressure, the second is unloaded, reloaded and filled with water. With optimized cycle rates this allows a “quasi-continuous process” with over 3,200 kg (7050 lbs) of product per hour and maximum utilization of system components. It makes the Uhde 700-60 TWIN the biggest and most flexible system on the market.

Uhde 700-60 TWIN

Easy to operate, low on maintenance

Each system has a large control panel allowing intuitive control of all system functions. Reports detailing key parameters are produced for each cycle and can be used as proof of process reliability.

Even maintenance is no problem. While one unit is being serviced, the second continues in operation. The maintenance-friendly design and long component life reduce downtimes to a minimum.