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UFT Fluid Bed Granulation

UFT Fluid Bed Granulation

Full flexibility for maximum success

The UFT fluid granulation process can pro-duce all required product sizes (2–8 mm) in the same plant with only minimal adjustments. The urea granules are well rounded, very hard, and ultra-resistant to crushing and abrasion. Consequently the urea granules remain dust-free, non-caking and completely free-flowing, even after long storage, frequent handling and shipping. With the superior features of bulk trans-portability, bulk blending suitability and greater agronomical efficiency, granular urea can be substituted for prilled urea in all applications. The granulation mode is accretion, which delivers a very hard granule that is far superior in quality to granules produced through layering or agglomeration-based processes.

Our fluid bed granulation plants are easy to operate and very reliable which result is a high on-stream factor. The granulator contains no moving parts, thus minimizing maintenance. The number of solid-handling equipment is significantly reduced when complied to other technologies to maximize plant uptime and reduce investment costs.

Urea fluidized bed granulation process
Urea fluidized bed granulation process

A vital boost to your competitiveness

There are many good reasons for choosing our benchmark- setting UFT fluid bed granulation technology, as our global market share of over 75% in capacity terms proves. The benefits our plants bring to your bottom line are operational flexibility, production security and product quality.

  • World-class experience The excellent product quality of UFT fluid bed granulation technology has made it the global market standard for granular urea. What’s more, this technology looks back on some 40 years of proven operational successes. More than 70 of our plants are now operating worldwide under widely varying climatic conditions. We are the only licensor of urea granulation technology to have licensed 20 plants with capacities of 3,000 mt/d or more.
  • Excellent design Our single-stream capacities are always large enough to handle the largest urea synthesis units developed to date. With various alternative plant concepts for small or medium-sized plants available, you can also be sure of a customized design concept to meet your specific needs. The use of a 97 % urea solution coupled with low recycle ratios results in a simplified design concept requiring only a single-stage evaporation unit. This leads to lower steam and cooling water consumption, minimal power consumption, and reduced investment and operating costs for the urea synthesis plant. The compact layout ensures maximum operability coupled with minimum investment costs.
  • One for all – for optimal operation Our process design takes climatic conditions, product quality, product size distribution, environmental regulations, product diversity, and utility costs into account to ensure you obtain a plant with the lowest costs per product ton. We utilize state-of- the-art computer-based design tools backed by over 40 years of operating experience. Each plant is designed to operate optimally under its specific operating conditions.
Urea fluidized bed granulation process adapted for Urea-ES
Urea fluidized bed granulation process adapted for Urea-ES

Urea production specification (typical)

Standard size Large size
Total nitrogen 46.3 wt % 46.3 wt %
Biuret 0.7-0.8 wt % 0.7-0.8 wt %
Moisture 0.2 wt % 0.3 wt %
Crushing strength 4.1 kg (Ø:3 mm) 10.0 kg (Ø:7 mm)
Average diameter 3.2 mm 6.3 mm
Size distribution 95 wt % (2-4 mm) 95 wt % (4-8 mm)
Formaldehyde 0.4 wt % 0.4 wt %
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