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The history of thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology goes back to the 70s when the original technology was developed by at that time NSM, later Hydro Agri Fertilizer Technology and Yara. In 2005 thyssenkrupp acquired the worldwide exclusive license rights for the fluid bed urea granulation technology from Yara and it was and is fascinating to be part of this success story: Thanks to our customers’ trust and confidence in our technology the installed technology has nearly doubled during the past 15 years with many repeat orders from established customers. This is a very strong testimony to our ability to meet our customers’ needs.

The challenges new competitors gave us in the last couple of years have inspired and spurred us on to intensify our R&D activities with remarkable results. Many new development have been launched, such as the ultra-low emission scrubbing system Ammonia Convert Technology (ACT) that allows ammonium salt to be recycled from the acidic scrubbing into the final product and operating costs, a formaldehyde-free additive, and production diversification into sulfur-enhanced urea granules.

With these developments thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology has become the trendsetter in the market and our aim is to provide cutting-edge technology to all our customers in the future as well.

Dr Matthias Potthoff, Managing Director thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology

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