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New generation UFT® spray nozzles

Pushing the Limits: Boost your plant productivity

Ever since the development of the granulation process for urea fertilizers some 40 years ago thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology and its predecessors have been the driving force for improvements in the urea fluidized bed granulation technology. So it is only natural that we again lift plant productivity to a new level with our new spray nozzles.

The new UFT® nozzle design improves the spray pattern of the urea solution droplets in such a way that the amount of dust as well as the build-up on the granulator walls is reduced, while an excellent product quality is maintained. The new nozzles will be installed in all our new plants and are also available to improve performance of existing plants.

The advantages at a glance

The narrow droplet size distribution leads to less over- and under spray and thus enables higher conversion of liquid urea to granules. Comparable pressure drop for both liquid urea and atomization air – thus suitable as upgrade for most existing urea granulation plants.

Advanced urea spray nozzles for the UFT® fluid bed granulation process

Our leading-edge technology and our services enable our customers to deliver top-level quality products in a most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Proven in practice

After thorough testing (PDA-Laser tests and in our own batch operated pilot plant), where the new spray nozzles had been benchmarked against the UFT® standard spray nozzle, a prototype was taken to a commercial urea granulation plant in the Middle East producing at very high rates under harsh conditions. The demonstration at the industrial scale gave proof that a significant reduction of the occurring dust is possible while keeping the process parameters in such a range that a retrofit of an existing urea granulation plant is possible without major mechanical modifications. Measurements in a newly built plant of 3,500 mtpd urea capacity in 2018 have confirmed the outstanding results in terms of product quality, production flexibility and operational reliability.

The whole granule is more than the sum of its droplets.