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Additives UFT®Add


UFT® Add

. . . the green substitute for formaldehyde

Although urea formaldehyde is still the state-of-the-art urea granulation additive, it is categorized as a hazardous, carcinogenic substance by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and adds to the VOC emissions from an ammonia/urea complex. It is on the “substitute it now” list of the European Union as a “substance of very high concern”.

That is why we have developed together with specialized fertilizer additive suppliers and experts from fertilizer producers a new formaldehyde-free additive UFT®Add that significantly improves the working environment. It ensures compliance with health and safety regulations on formaldehyde, while guaranteeing the same or even better granulation performance and product quality.

. . . for highly profitable technical and DEF/Adblue® grade markets

Low raw material prices for urea require new considerations to compensate for the decline in sales and earnings. A profitable solution is the use of urea for DeNOX applications in power plants or the production of AUS 32* as a fuel additive but access to this interesting market segments is difficult with a urea product containing formaldehyde.

Using the new UFT®Add additive the formaldehyde-free urea product opens exactly these market opportunities and allows the urea produces to tap into a new booming market segment like cattle feed, technical and DEF/Adblue® grade markets.

* AUS 32 is a 32 per cent aqueous urea solution, standardized according to ISO 22241. The liquid is traded worldwide under different names, e.g. Adblue®, DEF in North America and ARLA32 in Brazil.