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We are always open for new product developments – in collaboration with you. As our UFT fluid bed granulation process is very flexible, it can be used for the production of different products, e.g. granulated sulfur and ammonium nitrate. Our main research focus is on urea-based products for agricultural and technical applications that bring clear benefits for agriculture, operator health, and your profit margins.

Urea fluidized bed granulation process adapted for Urea-ES
Urea fluidized bed granulation process adapted for Urea-ES

Urea-ES helps boost crop yields

The increased use of sulfur-free fertilizers, intensified cropping systems, and reduced sulfur dioxide emissions have resulted in a soil-sulfur deficit that is negatively affecting crop productivity worldwide. In 2015 experts estimated that 10 million tons of sulfur needed to be added to soil to address this sulfur deficiency and increase crop yields. Urea granules are an ideal carrier for sulfur.

By integrating the Shell Thiogro® techno- logy into our UFT fluid bed granulation process micro-particles of elemental sulfur can be included into urea to form Urea-ES. Besides agronomic advantages, our sulfur- enhanced urea granules considerably improve your production efficiency.

Formaldehyde-free granules for DeNOx and other applications

Our newly developed formaldehyde-free granulation additive performs as well as or even better than urea formaldehyde. This improves the working environment as hazardous formaldehyde emissions are eliminated. The new formaldehyde-free product opens new market opportunities for you, e.g. for DeNOx applications in power plants or as a fuel additive.

Urea-ES product specification (typical)

Urea-ES 7 Urea-ES 13
Total nitrogen 43 wt % 40 wt %
Total sulfur 7 wt % 13 wt %
N/S ratio 6 3
Biuret 0.7-0.8 wt % 0.7-0.8 wt %
Moisture 0.2 wt % 0.2 wt %
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