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AdWinCombined™ is an evolution of AdWinMethanol® technology and Uhde Ammonia technology. It allows the production of both products methanol and ammonia in a highly integrated plant concept which ultimately leads to savings in OPEX of up to 10% and CAPEX of up to 30% compared to two separate conventional process plants.

The process concept features the simultaneous operation of both product plants at nameplate capacity but also provides the freedom of operation at partial loads. Furthermore single product operation modes are possible, i.e. one product line (methanol) can continue to operate while the other product line (ammonia) is in shut down and vice versa.

AdWinCombined™, a joint process development of thyssenkrupp and GasConTec, is based on proven equipment, but utilises an advanced and highly integrated process arrangement (see simplified process flow diagram below) with a single syngas production island, the core of which is an oxygen-driven catalytic partial oxidation reactor (autothermal reactor). The set-up of the methanol synthesis corresponds to that of AdWinMethanol® with two sequential isothermal reactor stages and an intermediate condensation. The purge gas from the methanol synthesis is used as feed stock for the ammonia unit based on Uhde Ammonia technology.

The main advantages of AdWinCombined™ technology for the owner/operator:

  • Higher reliability

  • Less EPC cost by up to 30%, resulting also in less Total Installed Cost (TIC), compared to two separate units

  • Reduced natural gas consumption by up to 10%

  • A high flexibility of operating the complex

  • Reduced environmental footprint

  • Reduced maintenance cost

Process flow diagram: AdWinCombined™

Process flow diagram: AdWinCombined™

Process Highlights

Integration vs. stand-alone solution

Due to the superior new concept of a highly integrated ammonia/methanol co-production complex significant benefits can be achieved, shown in the following table.

Table AdWinCombined