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It all started more than 85 years ago, when thyssenkrupp built its first methanol plant. Since then, a vast number of new developments and improvements have been made. 

Nevertheless, many years ago, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions withdrew from this part of the plant construction business in order to concentrate on its core business. The changing market situation on the one hand, and the call for ever larger and more efficient facilities on the other hand led to the steady expansion of the technology portfolio within thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and, as a consequence, to re-evaluate its own position on methanol technology. It quickly became clear that the state-of-the-art plant capacities and plant efficiencies realized in recent years were stagnant and not focused on the future.

A quantum leap was needed. It had to be big and innovative enough to generate significant, economic value for future customers. However, it was not allowed to turn out to be so powerful that it would be perceived as a first-of-its-kind. Ultimately, it was also about to win the financial world for the new, trend-setting technology approach.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ AdWinMethanol® Technology is as of to date the most advanced methanol technology available on the market. It is based on conventional technologies, proven state of the art items and equipment, but modified to satisfy today’s needs of lowest CAPEX, lowest OPEX, highest efficiency and availability. Due to the superior new process design significant benefits could be achieved compared to state of the art technology.

Main advantages of AdWinMethanol® technology for the owner/operator:

  • No steam reformer and small ATR due to high pressure

  • Significantly smaller and simpler compressor

  • Simplified design (state of the art isothermal reactor for both stages)

  • Higher COx conversion, low recycle flow rate, small catalyst volume

  • Smaller recycle compressor

  • Less EPC cost by up to 10%

  • Reduced natural gas consumption by up to 3%

Syngas Production: The methanol plant consists of three sections

Process Flow Chart: AdWinMethanol®

Process flow diagram: AdWinMethanol®