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variopactor® - reversible impact crusher for the aggregates and mining industry

thyssenkrupps new tertiary impact crusher for the production of gravel, chippings and sand from medium to hard rock. The variopactor® guarantees consistent product quality, high cubicity as well as high reliability and short maintenance times.

Our reversible impact crusher – the variopactor®

The variopactor® is a newly developed reversible impact crusher from thyssenkrupp. The name speaks for itself: With its modular design, the variopactor® can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. Using different rotors, aprons and the optional grinding path, it can produce gravel, chippings or mechanical sand.

In addition to its versatility, the variopactor offers consistent product quality with high cubicity and significantly reduced maintenance times.

In order to create an efficiency-increasing system solution, it can be easily integrated into existing plants. Our customers benefit from years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable machines and plants for mineral processing applications.

The variopactor® is designed for use in small and medium-size quarries and meets our customers’ key requirements: problem-free, cost-efficient production with reduced maintenance time.

Dr. Armin Greune - Head of Standard Machines Global

The advantages of the new reversible impact crusher - the variopactor®

variopactor by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

The variopactor® as tertiary impact crusher it is the latest development in thyssenkrupp's processing portfolio -- a development resulting from the requirements of our customers and characterized by high reliability, which is based on decades of experience in the design and manufacture of machines and plants for processing technology. The variopactor® is designed for easy maintenance, all wear parts are easily accessible and can be quickly replaced. The optional MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) impact bars with high titanium carbide inlays have a significantly longer service life than conventional impact bars made of chrome steel with a high carbon content.

The variopactor® was first unveiled at the Bauma 2019. Learn more about it in our interview with Dr. Armin Greune.

The new reversible impact crusher - the variopactor® tk-play

variopactor® - Innovation in tertiary crushing

The housing, the rotor and the entire crushing chamber of the variopactor® are symmetrically designed. This allows the rotor to be operated in both directions and the direction of rotation of the rotor to be changed at any time. By using both rotor directions of rotation, the blow bars are always operated with a sharp crushing edge and blow bar changes or turnings can be reduced to a minimum.

Optionally, thyssenkrupp uses blow bars made of MMC material (Metal Matrix Composite) with high titanium carbide inlays to even better meet the enormous exposures during the crushing process. The inlays are cast into the matrix material at the edge of the impact bars, where the material is mainly crushed and the main wear zone is located. The new material for the impact bars has been providing the longest service life for hammers of hammer crushers as well as sizer and roll crusher teeth for years already. Compared to classic chrome hard steel, it also significantly extends the service life of the blow bars.

Different types for various applications in tertiary crushing

variopactor® – Type C and Type S offer flexible solutions to different requirements in the aggregates and mining industry.

With its modular design, the variopactor® can be used in very different applications in the aggregates and mining industry. Two different versions are available for this purpose. The C type is mainly used for the production of gravel and chippings . It is equipped as standard with 4 blow bars and grinding path. For the production of crushed sand, the S-type is mainly used , which is usually operated at high peripheral speeds with 2 blow bars and without grinding path. However, different variants are also possible for both types if required. There is an optimal machine configuration for every task in these areas of application.

variopactor - Type C

variopactor® - Type C

variopactor - Type S

variopactor® - Type S

The C-type crusher is typically equipped with 4 blow bars and a grinding path. The S-type on the other hand has a standard of 2 blow bars without a grinding path.

variopactor models and specifications

Models and specifications


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