POLPELL drum pelletizer

Proven design – reliable operation – homogeneous product

The POLPELL drum pelletizer from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is a highly specialized aggregate for the agglomeration of fine-grain materials that are to be processed to high-grade products in additional equipment (e.g. the POLSHAFT dryer or POLSINT high-temperature shaft kiln).

Pelletizing and drying are done with materials such as alumina and spinel. In addition, the pelletizing of suitable dust materials from exhaust gas de-dusting is also possible with our innovative pelletizer.

While the granulation of pulverized materials is typically used for improving material handling and is used for carefully dosing and reducing and the hazard potential of the application, this process prepares the material to be burned as bulk. This requires uniform particle size distribution, maximum material densities and optimal flowability properties, as well as mechanically stable bulk. This is absolutely essential to ensure correspondingly high capacities and high-grade products. POLPELL fulfills all these functions.

POLPELL’s highly advanced design ensures the material is transported in both directions inside the horizontally arranged drum. The drum system is the best solution to generate nearly perfect spherical shapes due to the random rolling motion inside the charge.

The drum construction consists of two segments, with the front one forming the pellets and the rear one sorting out any too small pellets through a wire grid and feeding them back into the pelleting room.

The pelletization process takes place when fine-grained material consisting of finely ground powder, dust or precipitate is fed into the pelletizer inlet. Granulation seed and internally recycled pellets are fed into the material bed and mixed with water. The quantity of cold water and the speed of rotation of the drum are the main factors influencing the quality of the pellets formed.

As soon as the number of pellets in circulation decreases, fresh seed is added so that new pellets can be produced. Most roller internals are equipped with a rubber coating that protects against wear and tear, as well as ensuring the necessary friction for the rotation of the pellets.

Numerous innovative process and design details make the POLPELL pelletizer from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions a future-proof mechanical process technology.

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