Remote Inspection Camera- assistance from afar

Allows immediate remote support for problems on-site

Online live support via live videos, images and sound from our experts on site for your work assignment. Thanks to a safety helmet with a camera and headset, we can closely monitor your technician´s work and support him efficiently. From a distance, our thyssenkrupp experts can look over your shoulder and provide effective assistance in the event of problems with your plant.

If problems occur at your plant, Remi-Cam allows our experts to provide immediate assistance for your on-site work. Using a camera that is fastened to a head-mounted carrier or integrated into a tablet, the on-site situation is recorded and sent live to our experts. This means that we can identify problems directly and assist you in eliminating them.

There are two possibilities:

  • Via a headset, we can gladly provide you with information about what to do next. Using a display on the head-mounted carrier, data sheets and technical drawings can simultaneously be displayed by way of assistance.
  • We can also offer you the same functions by means of a robust tablet with an integral camera. In addition the tablet enables you to edit documents directly and send them immediately back to our experts. You can take the tablet with you using a carrying strap. Therefore, both variants offer you hands-free working.

Shorter stoppage times and lower costs

Thanks to the assistance from afar, you receive cost-effective and nevertheless precise help in solving problems. Problems can therefore be eliminated at any time, rapidly and regardless of location. Thus, stoppage times can be reduced significantly. In addition, the documentation that Remi-Cam offers by way of a film means that a given procedure can also be reconstructed after the event.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective and immediate assistance is possible from afar
  • You can make use of our expert knowledge around the world
  • Easy to operate
  • Electronic documentation for better traceability
  • Lower stoppage times thanks to rapid elimination of problems

Immediate expert remote support on-site

Get support in real time. We form a comprehensive picture of the current situation where you are and can provide you with further assistance quickly, effectively and, above all, cost efficiently.

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