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Solutions for the steel industry

From extraction to product optimization: Ore extraction and processing, cokemaking equipment, metallurgy, transportation and storage solutions

World leading cokemaking equipment for high coke quality at low emissions – one of our best-known services for the steel industry. But we can do much more than that: Our crushers, conveyor systems and grinders are used during ore extraction, while our solutions ensure efficient material flows in the steel mill itself, at the coal and ore storage facilities and during ship unloading.

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    We have built 500 coke plants worldwide.

Innovative processes in byproduct recovery

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Products for Steel Industry

Products for Steel Industry

Metallurgical injection systems: Maximum precision under extremely difficult conditions

From hot metal desulfurization to injection systems for secondary metallurgical steel treatment and the optimum recycling of slags and filter dusts: Our injection technology offers high metering precision and is extremely robust, enabling you to benefit from long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Cokemaking equipment for high quality and low emissions

Thanks to world-leading expertise we are one of the few suppliers in the world who can offer, supply and commission complete coke oven plants of widely differing designs from a single source. We ensure maximum cost efficiency and optimum environmental compatibility in line with the latest standards.

Crushers and grinders: The heart of ore processing

We’ve been building robust crushers and grinders with high throughput rates and crushing ratios under really tough conditions for more than 100 years. That’s why our solutions are designed to offer long service life, high availability and low operating and maintenance costs.