Fresh, natural and longer-lasting: HPP milk

Longer-lasting freshness for cheese and cream cheese

High-pressure processing reliably inactivates pathogens and harmful microorganisms and significantly prolongs shelf life. For example: Cream cheese stays fresh over 120 days longer – shelf lives of up to 150 days are possible. Also, by modifying the enzymatic structure of cheese, the Uhde HPP process shortens the ripening process without compromising quality.

Fresh and safe without additives: dressings, sauces, salads

Products containing numerous different ingredients are particularly susceptible to cross-contamination, making shelf life and product safety difficult. But with our high-pressure process it’s no problem. Whether sauces, dressings, sandwich fillings or ready-made salads: Uhde high-pressure technology increases product shelf life and effectively reduces your risk of costly product recalls. And the content, taste and appearance of your products will be unaffected, because no heat or preservatives are needed. With our special decompression technique, high-pressure pasteurization is suitable for both vacuum and modified atmosphere packs – for safe, fast, premium-quality results.

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