6 times longer shelf life, tastier than ever: HPP ready meals.

From convenience food to feast

Exotic recipes, carefully sourced products and healthy ingredients cooked to perfection and flavored with the finest herbs and spices to create the perfect dish. But then: sealed in a tray and pasteurized into a tasteless disappointment. That’s how many people see ready meals.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. With Uhde high-pressure technology ready meals can be processed to keep longer without the use of heat.

Goodness in. Bacteria out.

Ready meals contain a lot of different ingredients and are particularly susceptible to cross-contamination. High-pressure processing reliably and gently neutralizes vegetative pathogens and spoilage microorganisms – after the food has been packaged. That makes it ideal for higher-quality ready meals. The ingredients retain their natural colors, and the texture, taste and nutritional value of the freshly prepared dishes are preserved. The ready meal’s shelf life is up to 6 times longer – for maximum product safety and quality. And that can be your key to new markets.

HPP Reference Ready Meals

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