HPP for juices: 10 times longer shelf life. Freshly squeezed taste.

Long-life juices and smoothies without the need for heat.

Making fresh and healthy juices and smoothies with exceptional shelf stability has never been easier, thanks to our high-pressure processing (HPP) technology. Pathogens and harmful microorganisms are quickly and reliably inactivated, without the need for heat. Vitamins, color and flavor are retained. It’s a simple solution for manufacturing all-natural premium-quality products. Food is treated in its final packaging to prevent subsequent contamination.

Premium-quality fresh food – no additives required

High-pressure processing at 6,000 bar extends the shelf life of juices and smoothies up to 10 times by purely physical means. No chemical additives are required – so it’s ideal for meeting the growing demand for clean products.

Comparison juice HPP high pressure processing
HPP Reference Smoothies & Juices

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