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hpp avocado

HPP Fruit products: zero compromise on vitamins, appearance and flavor.

No heat, no nutritional loss – and no bacteria

In our high-pressure process fruit is pasteurized gently and without the use of heat. The result: enhanced shelf life and product safety with no impact on sensory or nutritional qualities. Nutrients and vitamins are retained, microbes and bacteria neutralized. Because pressure is applied uniformly, this gentle and natural process is suitable even for delicate fruits, extending their shelf life up to 8 times.

Avocado products: fresh and vibrant green all the way to the consumer

Avocados and avocado products are very popular, but also very delicate. The pulp soon turns brown and unappetizing, and avocados keep for only around 5 days. High-pressure processing solves both these problems at once: Applying pressure of 6,000 bar neutralizes bacteria and also inactivates the enzyme polyphenol oxidase that causes discoloration. After treatment the pulp will stay green almost indefinitely and the fruit will keep up to 8 times longer. As well as retaining its original fresh flavor, the fruit will still have all the exceptional nutritional properties you expect from home-made guacamole.

Fruit purees and fruit preparations – long-lasting, premium quality

Fruit preparations in pureed form or pieces are highly perishable. But conventional thermal preservation processes destroy most of the vitamins and nutrients and spoil the appearance and texture of the fruit. With our high-pressure pasteurization process, fruit preparations are treated after packaging (in tubs, pouches, modified atmosphere packaging, etc.) – without heat. The result: a product that tastes freshly made, keeps up to 6 times longer, with all its original vitamins and nutrients still intact.

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