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Keep your plants up-to-date

Revamps and modernization for longer equipment and plant lifetime

Over time, the demands placed on your production plants change. In support we offer you our thyssenkrupp services in the field of revamps, modernization and renovation.

With innovative solutions, modern parts and customized upgrades we help your plants to become up-to-date. Cutting-edge process technology and modern components increase the lifetime of your plant. Thereby, our services effect individual plant components and the plant as a whole.

Our revamp and modernization projects

  • expand production capacities of your plant, ensure

  • better plant availability and

  • optimize your plants for the ideal use of possibly changing raw materials.

Maintenance costs are reduced and unplanned downtimes are reduced. With the aid of state-of-the-art technology and the modernization of your plants, we assist you to

  • reduce energy consumption and

  • meet environmental standards.

The implementation of revamps from a single source, the subsequent commissioning and the individual training of your staff with respect to the new technologies, ensures high product quality and availability for your production plant.

thyssenkrupp revamps and outages for cement plants, mining plants, fertilizer plants, polymer plants, electrolysis plants, refineries

Our portfolio covers environmental analysis to shutdown management

  • Engineering studies

    • Inspection & Audits

    • Environmental analyses

    • Feasibility studies

    • Studies for debottlenecking

  • Plant optimization

    • Customer-specific solutions for revamps and retrofit

    • Capacity expansion via debottlenecking

    • Efficiency enhancement through equipment modernization

    • Emission reduction

    • Improvement of plant availability

  • Solutions for automation and Lab automation to

    • Enhance your plant efficiency and

    • Improve your plant’s operating safety

We customize our services according to your requirements and offer the complete span of services from pure engineering up to complex EPCM projects. We perform basic, front-end und detail engineering in-house. Same is true for the in-house manufacturing of individual as well as key components.

Come and see us.

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Revamps & outages

Revamp for capacity increase (ammonia and urea plants)

Performance Improvement – Revamp for capacity increase for ammonia and urea plants

Small effort – big results

Full service & performance impr. for electrolysis plants

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers’s full service offers complete electrolyser maintenance from a single source. It covers all activities required for remembraning and recoating as well as performance improvement, e. g. an element upgrade.

Full-service package for replacing ammonia catalysts

We offer our customers a full-service package for replacing the catalyst in the ammonia converter.

Feedstock Change from DMT to PTA

Changing the feedstock used in the production of polyester from DMT to PTA enables customers to adapt their plants to the changing market environment.

Maintenance in coke oven batteries (ceramic welding)

Due to the usual tear and wear of the refractory block during regular operation, leakages due to cracks, leaky joints and damage to the brickwork can occur and maintenance work like ceramic welding could prolong the life time of the heating walls until bigger repair works are required.

Process improvement for electrolysis plants

A process improvement is a measure to enhance the performance of the plant.

Repair/renewal of refractory part of coke oven batteries

Due to the usual tear and wear of the refractory block during regular operation, and very often also due to damage caused by improper operation or the failure to carry out regular maintenance work, the condition of the refractory brickwork deteriorates.

Capacity revamp for polyester and polyamide plants

By debottlenecking polyester and polyamide plants production capacity increases can be achieved at a relatively low investment cost.

Installation of an EnviNOx® system in nitric acid plants

EnviNOx® is the first industrially proven commercial low temperature process for the combined removal of N2O and NOX. It is capable of almost complete removal of nitrous oxide. NOX emissions can also be reduced to very low levels, enabling an invisible stack plume to be easily achieved.

Uhde Pipe Tech™

Uhde Pipe Tech™ guarantees an optimum specification, fabrication and installation of plastic piping.

Maintenance/repair: DISCAGE® reactor bearings/seals/shafts

Shafts of DISCAGE® reactors should be regularly maintained in order to ensure proper system function. Maintenance and repair work can be done by Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s specialists, either on site or in Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s workshop.

Adjustment of heating system of coke oven batteries

An optimized combustion process ensures a constant high quality of the coke, low fuel consumption and the limitation of harmful emissions.

Environmental protection, construction of new coke oven machines & optimization

Based on the tradition and know-how of the predecessor companies Dr. C. Otto, HKC, Carl Still and Krupp-Koppers, thyssenkrupp Uhde Engineering Services has become established worldwide in the market of coke oven machines.