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Revamps & outages

Custom-tailored upgrading of your production plants

Over the course of time, the demands placed on production plants often change. In order to meet these changed demands, we offer you our services in the field of revamps, modernization, modification & relocation. These services can come into play both in the case of individual plant components and the plant as a whole. For instance, with our modernisation projects, we can expand production capacities, ensure better plant availability and optimise the use of raw materials. In addition, we can help you to reduce energy consumption and observe environmental standards.

To meet these goals, we get to grips with your production conditions and processes, as well as with your corporate objectives. On this basis, we develop custom-tailored upgrade plans for you. At the planning stage, we draw on our collected wealth of experience of different industries and technologies. When implementing measures, we try to keep plant stoppages at the lowest possible level. Thanks to sustained monitoring of the conversion measures and of the subsequent commissioning, as well as precise introduction of your staff to the new technologies, we continue to ensure high production quality and availability levels for your production plant.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions provides high-quality spare parts and extensive after-sales services. The Service Product Finder offers an overview of all products in the Revamps, Modernization, Modification & Relocation.

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